The Customer Centric focus of EZ-Software aims at two aspects: delivering the best service and listening to the customer needs and wishes.


Who is EZ-Software?
EZ-SOFTWARE is originally a IBM iSeries (AS/400)-systemcenter, that also uses modern webapplication development. We are  a committed employer and help to realize the business objectives of our relations through integrated IT solutions based on a partnership from an independent position. Our main office is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

EZ-Software quality policy
Our policy is aimed at constantly improving the quality of our services and products.
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EZ-Software as employer
EZ-Software expects employees to show a high level of quality and commitment; that is expressed in a great sense of responsibility for the company, its customers and the other colleagues.

Within the base of the company objectives, EZ-Software offers employees the space to further develop their professional and personal skills and thus grow into an all-round professional.

In the opinion of EZ-Software, automation engineers are not unworldly creatures, but full members of society, part of the family, member of the association. EZ-Software supports the pursuit of a balanced work-life balance.

EZ-Software as service provider

EZ-Software focuses on all companies that wat to achieve more value out of their IT processes. In addition we still have expert knowledge of the IBM iSeries (AS/400).

EZ-Software’s philosophy regarding its role as an IT supplier is characterized by:

  • Partnership with the customers
  • Integration of services

EZ-Software’s customer-oriented attitude focuses on two aspects: providing service and listening to the wishes and needs of the customer. A customer-oriented and customer-friendly attitude is expected from every employee within the organization. Every (potential) customer of EZ-Software should be approached and treated with respect.

The integration of services is a continuous effort to have all customer inquiries come in at one telephone number. The customer’s contact person monitors the solution process, whereby EZ-Software, thanks to its many specialisms, can provide a total approach and thus prevent the notorious ‘grey’ areas.