Product Center

The EZ-Software Suite is a suite of powerfull and easy to use products.

The ‘Easy’ Concept

  • Easy to use
  • Short implementation period based on a fixed price
  • Quick ROI
  • Customer cooperation and influence 
  • Direct connection and Full integration with the database
  • Easy to manage, because it is wed based
  • Worldwide implementation and support

EZ-Software has been providing services and solutions to companies and organizations in the healthcare sector, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands, for many years. The services mainly focus on software integration, in other words: linking different applications on different hardware with the aim of obtaining an unambiguous information system.

  1. Support PALGA
    EZ-Software has developed software with which laboratories can send their research results to Palga. Palga is a body that stores these research results at a national level, so that they are accessible to other researchers.
  2. EZ-Software implements speech recognition
    At the request of Medvet and Labo Riatol in Antwerp, EZ-Software implemented speech recognition and linked it to the iSeries database. The AS/400 is used to store the recorded research results.
  3. DigiDoctor Suite
    By the name DigiDokter Suite, a set of powerful software modules is offered that ensure secure, logged communication between healthcare provider and patient.
    1. e-Consult
      EZ-Software has developed e-Consult. When using this application, patients can ask questions to their doctor. These questions are handled personally with the same confidentiality and care as in the consulting room or via a telephone consultation. The question is asked on a secure website and cannot be viewed by third parties. All communication is recorded in the database, which can then be processed into information in the form of reports and graphs.
    2. eChat
      The e-Chat module offers the possibility for care provider and patient to chat interactively in a secure and logged manner.