EZ-software Suite

The EZ-Software Suite is a suite of powerful and easy to use products.


What does EZ-Banking offers you?

EZ-Banking is a web-based application, specially written for BPCS. The application was developed using the Easy concept, which is both fast to learn and fast to implement and offers the precise functionality that the user expects. EZ-Banking is constructed with Lansa-for-the-web and uses the AS/400 as the server.

EZ-SOFTWARE has developed this banking application package for all companies (small or large) that manage their own bank accounts. EZ-Banking interfaces with ACP, ACR and CEA modules from BPCS giving users more flexibility without compromising functionality. The primary focus of the product is to ease the transaction processing related to bank information and to supply a number of features that are (legally) required in relation to financial statements.

EZ-Banking is a subsystem of BPCS and carries out all required banking actions:

– entry of bank statements
– execution of electronic payments to all possible banks (national and international)
– processing of cheques and bills
– automatic entry of bank transactions
– handling of reports

An international product

EZ-Banking is available in several different languages (including English, German, French and Spanish), and a standard feature of the product is the possibility of communicating with many international and local banks.
In addition to the standard functionality, there are also many applications tailored to country-specific requirements, including for South Europe and Scandinavia.

Wishes and requirements

Based on the EZ-SOFTWARE philosophy, the software package is always developed in close cooperation with the customer. EZ-Banking has set high performance levels with regard to:

– reliability
– speed
– stability
– adequate functionality


A web-based application was selected according to the thin client/fat server principle. The main advantages of this concept are:

limitation of data traffic over communication lines

centralization and thus simplification of management
AS/400 was the natural choice as the server: EZ-Banking Enterprise, as a financial application, requires a high degree of reliability and stability.
EZ-Banking Enterprise consists of various modules, which are available and implementable as separate units. The complete flowchart is shown below:

The modules

EZ-Banking Enterprise is a modular package. For the customer, this means that he receives only the modules which are required, thus avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Manual Postings

Entry of bank documents

Automatic Reconciliation

Automatic entry of transaction files, which are sent by the bank

Direct Debits

Automatic collection from the customer's account

Electronic Payments

Execution of electronic payments for both domestic and foreign suppliers via internal and external banks

Paper cheques

Processing of cheques


Handling of a specific collection method: this module allows the user to create Electronic Debit Runs by selecting a number of customer invoices by due date, payment type, customer, etc. These runs are sent to a bank that acts as a payment collector. Remittances can be seen as a form of financing with invoices, post-dated checks or any other type of document as collateral.


Processing of bills

Electronic Confirmations

Electronic Confirmations is the opposite of issuing remittances. It is used to approve the remittances issued by the supplier and collected by the bank of the supplier.



What does EZ-Complaints offers?

That the settlement and the solving of complaints is considered more and more as an important component of company marketing nowadays, has been already common knowledge for a while. For this reason EZ-SOFTWARE developed EZ-Complaints. This application makes it possible to handle all complaints a company run into in a most efficient and univocal way by means of one centralised database e.g. BPCS, PRMS.

EZ-Complaints not only ensures you a structured complaint settlement but also the possibility to approach the needs of your customers more efficiently. Furthermore, the money that your company would spend to a comparable application would be considerably higher and cost will be reduced drastically after this one-time investment.

EZ-Complaints will provide your company the following functional benefits:

✓ All your customer complaints in one centralized database
✓ The possibility of generating complaint reports
✓ Immediate online consultation of complaint status
✓ All additional complaints information synoptically en in detail stored
✓ A clear cost recording of the complaints
✓ An automatic email notification when a complaint is reported
✓ A complete support for Microsoft Office
✓ Sophisticated workflow
✓ Relation between complaint and ERP e.g. BPCS, PRMS



What is EZ-CreditControl?

If you are serious about reducing the cost of your working capital and maximising your customer intimacy, then credit management needs to be high on your agenda. And not only with a focus on DSO reduction. Good credit management provides transparency and accountability, estimating risks and predicting trends.

EZ-CreditControl optimises the complete credit management process (from invoice to cash) and integrates credit management further into your organisation:

– Predicting tomorrow’s risk and reducing future write-offs
– Segmenting your customer base and apply appropriate action profiles to minimize payment times
– Sharing information with your organization

The Graphical User interface:



What does EZ-CRM® offers?

EZ-CRM is a web based application, that is constructed with Lansa-for-the-web. It is developed as a BPCS subsystem and offers the client more flexibility without sacrificing functionality. The primary focus of the product is to ease the CRM functionality in BPCS and to extend or even create it were possible.
The EZ-CRM product was designed with modern technology: LANSA for the Web. Using sound practices to ensure optimum efficiency and easy operation, the system provides companies with a complete in-house CRM-system that is extremely flexible and comprehensive.

Since EZ-CRM is designed by experienced BPCS consultants working daily in implementation projects for multiple years, the product gives an answer to a large number of practical issues raised by our BPCS customers.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a combination of methodologies and software that helps an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way.

The core benefit of a comprehensive CRM system is the ability to seamlessly integrate customer information from across the enterprise into a user-friendly, real-time format, and transform the entire enterprise into a single integrated sales network.

CRM involves marketing, sales, service and requires all areas of the organization to not only exist in harmony, but to be working toward the common goal of stronger customer relationships.

For example, “If a marketing department runs an outbound campaign, all of the information about the customers and the CRM-program should be retained for the sales staff to follow up on, the customer service representatives to answer any queries, and technical support to provide any field support. The idea is to have the same information available to all in the company so that every product or service need of the customer is met. CRM implies that everyone in the enterprise is focused on the customer.”

The solution areas

Customer Relationship Management helps you to manage customer relationships in an organized way. CRM will help to meet the following challenges:

– Enabling your marketing departments to identify and target your best customers, manage marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives, and generate quality leads for the sales team.
– Improving telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing sales processes.
– Developing individualized relationships with your customers, with the aim of improving your customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; identifying your most profitable customers and providing them the highest level of service.
– Providing your employees with the information and processes necessary to know your customers, understand their needs, and effectively build relationships between your company, your customer base, and your distribution partners.

EZ-CRM consists of the following solution areas:

Web Management

– Configuration per customer, employee
– Content Management
– Lay out management
– Managing and customizing webpages
– Complaints Management

Customer complaints input via internet
– Managing complaints etc.

Customer Info

-Customer information (address, type, contact person etc)
– Financial info: credit limit, supply condition and payment term
– Outstanding payments
– Outstanding orders
– Turnover info
– Budget info etc.

Product Portfolio Management:

PPM offers the possibility of improving the relationship with the customer via good and creative product solutions. Building solutions based on the products is the essential target of this module.

– Store product groups and item info about specs
– Distribute and obtain product data info

Marketing Automation:

Segmenting your prospect database, managing and executing your (direct) mailing campaigns.

– Lead generation
– Campaign management
– Marketing collateral management
– Gifts, gadgets, promo management
– Exhibitions management
– Marketing actions, task, assignments management
– Links with Office applications

Sales Force Automation:

Managing your contacts, accounts, and sales opportunities.

– Customer and contact profiles
– Enterprise wide communication and correspondence
– Sales configuration
– Automated quotation and order generation
– Opportunity management
– Sales Forecasting and targeting
– Instant access to historical account summary
– Sales actions, task, assignments management
– Links with Office applications




What does EZ-CycleCount offers you?

Without accurate stock level information effective inventory management is impossible. No matter what sophisticated tools you have in your inventory management system, if the computer thinks you have 100 pieces of an item, and there are really only three on the shelf, the system won’t replenish your inventory when it should or order the right quantity.

Unfortunately, most distributors only verify the stock balances in their computer once a year, when they perform a physical inventory. During the physical count, every item is counted and, if necessary, the balance in the computer is adjusted to reflect the actual quantity on the shelf. Even if you assume that the physical inventory results in an accurate count of each stocked product (a big assumption for many distributors), how long do the counts remain accurate? One month? Two months? Six months? Eleven months after the physical count, what percentage of stocked products still have an accurate available quantity in the computer?

The best way to ensure that a minimum of 97% accuracy is maintained is to continually count your products. That is, count part of your inventory every day, and count each item several times per year. This process is supported by EZ-CycleCount.



What does EZ-Invoice offer?

EZ-Invoice is a solution capable of scanning, recognizing, distributing, processing and archiving structured documents.

Why is EZ-Software your preferred supplier of this advanced solution?

– There are no other affordable solutions that offer a flawless link to BPCS
– Several companies have asked EZ-Software for such a solution
– EZ-Software already developed EZ-WorkFlow, a solution required to electronically distribute scanned documents
– EZ-Software has superior knowledge of the database where the data will be processed (BPCS!)
– The major benefit of EZ-Software’s EZ-Invoice solution is the integration of multiple components into a solution that is operationally safe, saving you time and money.

What does EZ-Invoice consist of?

EZ-Invoice is a solution consisting of a number of components:


The scanning process is a technical process that will be executed by the software supplied with the scanner.
EZ-Software does not develop this software itself, instead utilizing the software supplied by the hardware manufacturer.


EZ-Software will preferably use its own software. This enables us to take the outcome into account (processing what is scanned into the database) at the start of the whole process. Furthermore, Java-OCR will run on the AS/400, which can be considered an asset to the further processing.
We don't rule out that some hardware manufacturers supply excellent recognition software with their scanner that connects well to our WorkFlow. Our recognition software will store the recognized data in optimal form, as structured as possible (for example in XML format), so further processing is possible.
The scanned object can be stored (archived) on the IFS of the AS/400.


After the recognition software has recognized the scanned document, it has to be completed with the required data so the final processing (in BPCS) is made possible. Authorization is one of those required steps.
A form appears next to the scanned document and the missing data can be filled out. During phase 1 of the product development, this form is linked directly to the BPCS processing program. The input is handled this way (manual invoice processing).
If the customer receives electronic invoices (XML format), they can immediately be picked up by WorkFlow.

Link to BPCS:

A complete transaction is placed in BPCS using BPCS's transaction programs.

What does EZ-Invoice cost?

EZ-Invoice will pay for itself in a very short span. If you save 2-3 hours each week, EZ-Invoice is paid for within a year.



What does EZ-Project offers you?

EZ-Projects is a project management tool. You can set-up en manage the on going project. The most important functionality is:

– Registration and administration of contracts
– Defining assignments
– Registration of spent hours
– Registration of communication
– Time sheet per user/period
– Budget entry (global/detail; contract/assignment)
– Milestones management
– Reporting



What does EZ-Reports offers you?

EZ-SOFTWARE has developed a reporting tool for iSeries and other hardware platforms. This tool can create reports in pdf, excel, pdf-mail etc based on the database on iSeries and others.

EZ-Reports also offers a powerful scheduler in order to generate and distribute automatically the most important reports.




EZ-Transport is a tool, interfaced with BPCS, which can be used for entry of the estimated transport cost and to allocate them to the customers. In addition this tool will improve the invoice checking process and can also be used to support the transport planning from a view of costs efficiency.

Some main functions:

– Create consolidated loads (shipment)
– Update shipment date and reference
– Link BPCS loads to the shipment
– Add distance (from-to zip-code)
– Define payment type (e.g. contract price, full-load, partial load)
– Calculate loaded meters
– Split/spread the transport cost based on the linked loads and items
– Assign the transport cost to the customers
– Based on the carrier, there are three different price agreements that can be applied to each separate load.

Contract Pricing – a fixed price for a certain tour
Full load – based on the total distance and number of delivery points
Partial load – based on the used cargo space (loaded meter or pallets)

Calculated price will be assigned to the loads as one total Flat Charge. 



What is EZ-Warehouse

EZ-Warehouse is a set of modules that support the use of Bar Coding technology in combination with the ERP system BPCS. Bar coding allows data to be gathered and entered into a computer system automatically or with minimal human involvement.

EZ-Warehouse data collection helps to eliminate the errors associated with manual entry, giving you information, which is accurate and up-to-date. In addition, bar coding saves resources and time. People previously used for the physical task of data collection are now available for other purposes. This means they will spend less time identifying, tracking and correcting errors.

EZ-Warehouse has products for the two major Warehousede areas: warehousing, inventory. It works with all major types and models of data collection devices, giving complete, accurate information when and where required. Accurate information benefits both your operations and your customers by preventing and detecting defects, and maintaining optimum inventory levels for swift response to inquiries and requests.

EZ-Warehouse consists of the following solution areas:

Picking of the Sales Orders
Paperless picking. Automates the Pick confirm action of the Customer orders. The picker is required to scan the order number, and every item that is to be picked on this order. All necessary transactions are performed automatically after the correct items are picked.

Picking for the Shop Order
Shop order issues are automated by scanning the item and lot number, validation of the scanned item is performed so that only items on the Bill of Material can be used.

Cycle count
Simplifies the stock taking by entering the on hand quantity on specified location and the program posts cycle count transactions for the differences.

Posts transfer transactions for the scanned from and to locations. Assures data integrity by eliminating the need of manual data entry.

Take sample (quality control)
Scale (balance)
Weighing and booking on shop order