Education center

All courses have individual tuition, this means that they can start on any day of the week. Under this tuition system our experienced trainers give tuition on an individual basis.

AS/400-training program
EZ-Software in Antwerp offers a complete AS/400-training program as well as retraining courses to become an AS/400-application developer or an AS/400-system manager. A good training starts with a well thought out training course. EZ-Software has put together standard training courses for the most common functions and retraining requirements within an AS/400 environment.

Company specific training
When the standard training courses don’t meet the requirements of a customer, EZ-Software will willingly design a training course specifically for the company. It is also possible to change individual courses.

LANSA & EGL training
Besides the standard AS/400 training EZ-Software also provides comprehensive LANSA and EGL training.

Recruitment & selection
EZ-Software regularly recruits young, highly motivated people who have a well-rounded A1/HBO education. These people are trained in the training centre, in Antwerp as AS/400 specialists. This can either be in the line of application development or AS/400-NT network management. At the end of the training our juniors can get straight to work with our customers, with the understanding that, at the end of a previously agreed upon period, they will be employed by the customer. This is an easy and reliable way of taking on well trained young people.