Development Center

The Development Center (DC) specialises in tailor made application developments and their maintenance.

Application maintenance (AMS)
Clients can entrust their business critical applications to EZ-Software. As an external partner the applications are maintained, breakdowns are fixed, and extensions and new versions are installed.

Many of the customers of EZ-Software use ERP-software and financial packages. Associated partners who develop standard applications also know that they can entrust their maintenance to EZ-Software. Within this department great demands are placed on the service orientation of our employees. The current customer base extends across the whole of Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Under the direction of EZ-Software new applications are developed, built, tested and put into production. Many of the assignments consist of the adaptation of standard software to the specific wishes and demands of customers. The understanding of company processes and the ability to translate these into IT-solutions form the strength of our approach. The development environments used are: RPG/400, Cobol/400, AS/SET and LANSA.

EZ-Software application specialists can also work with customers on a short-term basis in order to solve serious problems or to cover key staff shortages. EZ-Software employees of varying levels and experience can be contracted out on short or long term projects.

Software factory
A Software Factory is a knowledge group made up of specialised IT experts.

EZ-Software has specialised in the development of applications with the help of the 4GL tool LANSA. With LANSA it is possible to develop applications in a simple way, which can run on AS/400, as well as on Microsoft Windows and Unix.

Another knowledge group concentrates particularly on the development of software using RPG/400, ODW and AS/SET for the logistics ERP-package eBPCS, which belongs to the American company SSA.